a white blonde female leans against a brick wall looking out the window. She is laughing and has one hand in her pocket.


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I am an esthetician, nutritional counselor, and pilates instructor in the Central Valley. I am dedicated to helping people make sustainable changes leading to lifelong physical, and mental, health.

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The world is constantly telling all of us that we're not good enough. We're judged on our bodies, our hair, our skin, the clothes we wear, and we never seem to find acceptance by simply being who we are. My hope is to create a place that helps people make mindful physical changes, while recognizing that we don't have to live up to society's beauty standards.

Whatever your age, race, sexual orientation, or gender identity, you’ll find acceptance here. I believe that the only voice that should matter is your own, and I want to give you the tools that allow you to believe that too.

- lgbtq - blm - fuck the patriarchy
The same woman previously pictured is seated, facing the camera, one hand crossed over the other. She’s wearing a black shirt and light blue jeans and smiling. Her hair is back.

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